5 apps that will help you fighting climate change

And 3 smart solution for your company to reduce emission.

Climate change and technology is a consolidated combination of words. Today, this combination isn’t totally positive if we think, for example, of the thousands and thousands of devices that we discard every year in favour of the latest and glittering model.

On the contrary, when we place these two concepts in a positive and proactive context, brilliant ideas emerge and we clearly see how technology and progress can be the pillars of the fight against climate change.

In this flourishing context, many apps have been created. They offer help for gaining awareness on the matter and also they offer solutions to apply small gestures that make us more eco friendly.

Oroeco. Allows the user to keep track of their carbon footprint, provides advice for a greener lifestyle and you can join a community to discuss the matter.

Skeptical Science. This app allows you to neutralise the deniers of climate change with scientific arguments.

Treedom. Not an app but an amazing web service. You can plant trees from your living room or office with a simple and online process. It helps to neutralize CO2 with trees and it helps local communities by financing farmers.

Aworld. This is an Italian app chosen by the United Nations to help the population adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Provides daily advice, helps people change their habits and connects you with the greenest community!

Bla bla car. It is based on the green mobility concept. It aims to reduce the emissions caused by travelling on wheels. Thanks to a simple interface it allows people travelling in the same direction to use only one car.

As governments allocate their budgets in favour of a greener economy and consumption, also companies have decided to follow the same path and be committed to the fight against climate change.

You can start with a little gesture, for example, you can improve corporate welfare with our friends from Biorfarm, a platform (and soon an app) that allows you to adopt a tree favouring local farmers, follow its growth and monitor its benefits for nature. The same service has been launched for companies, which can use the service for corporate welfare. Fantastic, isn’t it?

However, today more responsibility is required from companies and people ask for direct involvement in the fight to stop climate change. Thanks to the best technologies, companies can do their best for the planet.

Have you ever heard about apps that can help companies to reduce emissions?

IoT + Geolocalization. Thanks to IoT systems and geolocation, apps can monitor the fleet and CO2 emissions, giving logistic the tools to improve transport on wheels, reducing fuel consumption and unladen journeys. Moreover, the application could give the driver tips on how to best set up driving to reduce emissions.

IoT + Big Data + AI. Companies could adopt IoT systems for tracking emissions in the company and start collecting data. Thanks to the AI, in this way, the app can learn more about processes and teach how to act in a greener business perspective.

IoT + Big Data + ML. Let’s think of a solution perfectly integrated into manufacturing companies: it monitors the energy used and finds waste. Thanks to ML algorithms integrated into the app, a company could have virtual models of the functioning of the various departments and experiment with different scenarios with a click, without impacting production.

We have shown how apps are necessary tools to face the greatest challenge for the future. Whether it’s good at recycling, adopting smarter consumption or reducing our company’s emissions, every action is important and an app can accompany us on the path to becoming a better world.


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