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Our doubts

Why DaaS



Since the very early stage of DevGenius life, even before we chose the name for our company, we realized that our software development service should have been different from others in the market.

Our doubts

The first obstacle presented to us while we were defining what kind of price we could have proposed to our clients, in particular for more complex projects that took more time to be released. The reasons for our doubts were various: how soon the client wants to use an MVP? Do we consider the features we will integrate easy or difficult? How much can this product be improved over time? And which is its “innovation” rate? How many users will use this product? Will they grow in number?

If you are a little experienced with technology whether you’re a user or a developer, you can easily understand that it’s difficult to answer these questions on day 0.

If we look at the tools we use more frequently: CRM, chat, email, translators, social media,…we see that the more we use them the better we are at using them and more ideas come up in our mind to use in full their potential or modify aspects where they are lacking.

Why DaaS

We learned that every digital tools have a big thing in common: they costantly change and improve. We could say

that software is an instrument in a continuous transformation and improvement to adapt to people’s lives and simplify what becomes more complicated.

Also, we were very unhappy with the definition of “tool” for our software and apps because reminded us of all the things we abandon in our closet and garage; moreover, in an era in which everything is fluid, consider such an amazing opportunity to grow and change as static would have sounded so anachronistic.

In the end, especially thanks to those who are devoted to realizing them we understood that

they are processes that trigger constant participation between the company and users and ignite debates on its usability and coherence with the company structure and its internal processes and needs. 

And, as developers, we could have been the designers of these processes. So we decided to call our service DaaS: Development as a Service.

As we gained experience, we realized that rather than a total price for the finished product, we were able to propose a monthly quote, a sort of subscription to the software development service.


In this way, by integrating the estimated difficulty of the project and therefore the hours to realize it, and multiplying everything by a factor that summarizes the rate of innovation over time and the client’s “haste” to have an MVP, we were able to obtain a fair monthly fee.

Also, thanks to this approach we made our clients happier, involving them in the creation of their own software. And we found out that they really appreciate being part of a team and touch with their hand every little update, change and improvement. Thanks to this model, a client can be part of our crew until the ride brings him where he needs to be.


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