Build a welcome flow for your app

How to onboard user for your app and ensure they’ll stay long

As software builder and app developers, we try to empathize with users and try to understand their psychology.

As users of many software and apps instead, we have experiences with these products and we try to learn from their merits and defects.

We tried some apps and web apps that completely forgotten about the welcome flow: we found ourselves immediately in the registration stage or, even worse, we completed the entire process and at the end, we found we have just registered into a subscription or freemium service.

Don’t get it wrong, we like those models but users should be informed on the product before starting using it.

That’s why we think that the onboarding stage is one of the most important steps to take care of.

This stage starts even before the user lands on the app/web app.

The owner of the app should give information on the website first, and be clear also on the store description.

It can happen that a user finds your product by chance and he/she is attracted by it and doesn’t care about searching for more information. Anyway, once in the app, every user should be informed about its functioning and costs.

At this point, before the registration, you should add some instructions.

They could be statics slide with illustration and texts or even a tutorial video.

Of course, this information should be used also on the website or in the App Store/Play Store, in the carousel under the name and the info, as we show below.

Fifa Calcio App on the Play Store
Amazon Shopping on the App Store

Remember: as in the real-life, you should welcome your users in the best way to let them have a good memory of you.

Our suggestion is to build a good funnel to onboard your users. This is critical for many aspects of your brand. First engagement with your users: well informed and conscious users will be happier to use your product.

Also, if users are aware of the functioning and the model of the apps, they will use it for sure and your app won’t have disappointed or worse, angry users.

Last but not least, clarify your intention from the beginning will not affect your reputation and your product will not end with a lot of bad reviews.

We hope this article will be helpful for future apps developers and owners.


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