Mobile app development as a service.

With the best developers we have been developing quality custom apps for iPhone and Android for over 4 years. Apps that help your business move forward. We only do it differently than other developers. Smarter and better and that makes for more fun.

Development as a Service - DevGenius

Five star solutions from drawing board to rollout

Put your data to work. Work smarter, better, more efficiently and have more money left at the end of the day. Our customized solutions can give your business a huge boost.

We take the following proven steps towards a successful app for you: 

  1. App development strategy
  2. Functional App design
  3. UX and UI design
  4. App development
  5. App roll out and marketing
  6. App hosting, updates and security 
Development as a Service - DevGenius

How does development as a service work?

Step 1.

App development strategy.

We always start by defining the development strategy. This sounds heavier than it is, but is essential for a perfect end result. We look at how we can turn your ideas into a profitable execution. You can schedule a consultation for this, free of charge and without obligation.

Among other things, we determine whether it should be an app for the web (Progressive Web App – PWA), a mobile app for iPhone and Android or perhaps an app for Mac or Windows. The best part is that everything is developed in Flutter, so it doesn’t matter for the cost. We use a single library for all apps.

Step 2.

Functional app design.

In this step we take a look at what that app of yours should be able to do. But also what impact it has on other systems and databases you use. We’ll send you files in the cloud that are always up to date and tell you exactly how your app is going to work. The combination of your knowledge of the market and our technical skills provides the ultimate blueprint for your new tool.

Step 3.

UX and UI design.

This is a very important step for any technology we deliver, because it is the brick on which the relationship between your companies and your users is based. We weekly discuss a clickable interface so you can see your app at work at an early stage. An additional advantage is that errors are shown and can be dealt with at an early stage.

Step 4.

App development.

Now that the clean part is finished, the rough construction begins. The developers were eager in the background and can now get to work. You will receive weekly updates from the construction site and can just watch and give feedback.

Step 5.

App roll out & marketing.

Once the app has been developed and extensively tested, we will publish it for you in the app stores or on the web. But this is where the journey really begins. How do you make sure your target audience will use the app and you can turn it into profit for your company?

In order to organize this in the best possible way the boys and girls of Marketing Genius will guide you to make it a real success.


App hosting, updates and security.

The app is built and distributed, congratulations! We now maintain, host and secure the app for the amount you’re used to. Do we have to make any changes? No problem, we’ll take care of it, no matter what the size or impact.

mobile app development as a service

Flutter your fantasy, we’ll deliver.

Flutter is an open source UI software development kit developed by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia and for the Internet. This saves us a lot of time.

Why does development as a service fit your business?


Proven to be the very best.

We go for the best results and therefore use the best Flutte developers from Northern and Southern Europe. Everything is made in-house based on our own framework and controlled by licensed team leaders.


See us as your favorite colleague.

As far as we are concerned, the gap between client and development team must be wiped out. Don’t see us as a supplier, but as your happiest, most productive colleague. Nice to work with, never bullshit and a great result.


Development should be fun, not strangling.

Our entire business model is set up as flexibly as possible. But we go further. With a community of over 550 extremely talented developers, we have an infinite pool of knowledge and experience to tackle any project.

Plan a free consult with DevGenius.

60 minute consult on your business idea
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Filled Roadmap for the development of your app
Completly free and without obligation